Oh my god, he is Syrian!

Yes, he is Syrian. Again.

As you watch the news about terrorist attacks, first of all you have to be absolutely assured  you will hear that the terrorist is Syrian.

Remember the Paris attacks? yes,They found a Syrian passport on the attack scene., in the suicide explosion, yet the passport somehow survived. And, of course,it belonged to a Syrian citizen. Oh my god!.

In the recent Istanbul attacks, before knowing even the gender of the terrorist, some media outlets were quick to assert that he or /she was Syrian.

Yes, yes The attacker, The rapist, The thief, all the bad people are now Syrian, or have at least been to Syria. It goes without saying. Oh my god!

Yet, dear reader, let me tell you some things about Syria and Syrians.

Dear Reader, What did you know about Syria before the revolution and the subsequent war? Had you heard anything about this Mediterranean country before Bashar al-Assad’s regime started to kill the Syrian protesters en masse  because they decided to take demanded freedom and dignity.

Ok, dear, here are a few things you may not know, or may not have cross your mind.

In Syria, We, too, had a football league. There were often more than 50,000 fans in the stadium supporting different teams from across the country. Every summer in Damascus, there was a jazz festival where famous international bands performed for the public and for free. Concerts took place in the ancient Damascus Citadel, the heart of the oldest capital in the world.  And Every Friday, there were numerous bands playing music throughout the city during a series of events called “Music on the Road”.

Dear reader, In 1970, before Hafez al-Assad hijacked the cultural life in Syria, we had more than 800 cinemas and almost 250 theaters. Syria’s population in 1970 at the time was only 6.3 million.

I am not trying, dear reader, to tell you that Syria is the greatest country in the world. All I am just trying to say: is that there were some “normal” people, in a country thousands of miles away from you, living a life that was pretty similar somehow to yours, They have laptops and smart phones, Millions of “those people” are desperate now.

I’ll give you another example. During the 2010 South Africa world cup for example, Syrian streets were filled with countless colorful of flags. They flags belonged to countries whose locations many of us did o’t even know their locations. But we sure knew all who were their football players. There was a big football “war” in the streets between the Argentina and Germany fans during the quarter- finals.

But that’s all memory now. Since March 2011, until now, hundreds of thousands of Syrians had been killed by the Syrian regime. and The international community has largely watching this “tragedy” unfold day after day, without taking any action.

Extremist Islamistc groups showed up, such as Al-Nusra Front and Daesh, (ISIS), have been allowed to grow because they proved to be a useful enemy and a useful tool for pretty much all regional and international powers involved in the conflict.

More recently, Russian air strikes have been killing mainly civilians. And so has the US-led international coalition against ISIS. The Iranian regime is fighting in Syria and killing civilians. Islamist jihadists from all over the world, both Shi’ite and Sunni, have flooded into the country, and were allowed to do so, to fighting their “holy wars” on our land and at the expense of our revolution. They too are killing civilians.

Syrians are dying in every possible ways one can imagine. Syrians are sleeping rough under grey skies all over the world without roofs. Most of them would probably not tells you to do anything for them, because they are sure by now that you probably won’t do anything., Yet, at least try to be nice and have the decency of do not blaming them for everything that goes wrong on the crazy planet.

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